Globo Logos

Globo Logos from Julien Vallée on Vimeo.

"This video was created for the Earth Day. A ode to the work of Jacques Languirand. The video will take part of the Globo Logos event that will take place in differents festivals all around the world."


Customized chair (or not)

Ben Wilson has designed the Chairfix, a chair you can customize any way. The chair is cut from a flat plywood sheet, and the 2d parts are assembled into a chair. The new Chairfix Junior is now available for children at Buisjes En Beugels.
(via Design Milk)

Arne Quinze

Today I had to point out the wonderful works of the Belgian artist Arne Quinze.
"Quinze’s genius lies in his ability to fuse polar extremes – passion and chaos with controlled elegance. He masterfully creates immaculate, urbane and polished designs that are balanced with a certain contradicting tension, giving them a refined yet exuberant appearance. He realizes his ideas with extraordinary verve and is able to apply them to projects of any scale, whether it be architecture, interior design, urban planning, furniture design, car design or footwear."

The images above shows a part of Dreamsaver, just a small sample of is immense and admirable work.


Urban Knitting

(via Fubiz)

The Monk and The Fish ( Le Moine et Le Poisson )

By Michaël Dudok de Wit. Update: I have added a link to the wikipedia page about him since his website www.dudokdewit.co.uk is under construction.


Raymond Pettibon's "Cutting Room Floor Show II"

Raymond Pettibon's show of new color works “Cutting Room Floor Show: Part II” at West Hollywood’s Regen Projects.
(via Super Touch)

Mr. Andre

Pretty cool website of Mr. Andre. His daddy-long legged pink stick man is now dancing in the video “Somebody Somewhere”by Cazals.
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Confetti by Felicia Nitzsche

One of the wonderful works of Felicia Nitzsche.
(via i heart photograph)


"Whimsical and light-hearted packaging by Montréal-based Paprika for Annabelle."
(via The Dieline)

KRAAK AND SMAAK squeeze me

Squeeze me from MUSEEK music video festival on Vimeo.

Por um fio / By a thread

Poster created for the short film "Por um fio" presented at the 2007 edition of the Black & White Audiovisual Festival, Oporto - Portugal.
Graphic design by Pedro Sousa and typography by Dino dos Santos.
(via Typography Served)

okdeluxe XMAS card 2008

okdeluxe XMAS card 2008 from okdeluxe on Vimeo.


Keep Calm Gallery

Amazing gallery! Via the always wonderful Fitacola.

Climate change: The carbon atlas

New figures confirm that China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of CO2. This interactive emissions map shows how the rest of the world compares. Global C02 emissions totalled 29,195m tonnes in 2006 – up 2.4% on 2005.
(via guardian.co.uk)

The Global Warming Swimming Pool

The Global Warming Swimming Pool: Swimming Above a Submerged City.
(via neatorama)

Remember Happiness

(via my heart)


Real Street Photography

Real Street Photography, originally uploaded by Honoo Flammen.
As a street / urban art addicted, I was thrilled to find this awesome set on Flickr with thousands of photos... Made my day!


Hollywood Vintage Photos

Found a wonderful set of photos on Flickr named Hollywood Photos. For those who appreciate vintage photography, this set is a must!


Funnyometer hahaha

(via the greatest FitaCola and ffffound!

A designer's question

Made me smile. (via ffffound!)

Most things look better when you put them in a circle

Maybe I'm late, I think everyone has already seen this drawing at ffffound! but I'm not worried, because I had the pleasure to discover the website (www.banksy.co.uk) where this is from... and it's wonderful!

ID cards by Emma Smart

"Design for the proposed identity cards to make them more desirable to the general public.
The cards allow you to draw and express your thoughts and feelings on the card and
then wipe it clean to start again.
Wonderful idea by Emma Smart, her portfolio is a keeper!


I promise this is the last post about toys (today)!

I couldn´t stop myself... I had to post this video "Minimimmo - Oltre l'onirico" (it's also mandatory to visit the website)


I really love this man... I mean hubman :-)
Found at Gizmine.

15 of the World’s Most Creative Papercraft Artists

15 of the World’s Most Creative Papercraft Artists

The Private Lives of Your Favorite Toys

Ever wonder what your favorite toys are up to when you’re not looking? Weburbanist has your answer, and it’s not pretty. Behold the depravity and realism behind your toys lives. You’ll never want to leave them alone again.


City of Books

Fantastic This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo. A motion picture about paper world, characters and book covers.
(via Fubiz)

Branch chandelier by David Wiseman

A series of bronze and porcelain pieces by artist/designer David Wiseman.

(via dezeen)

there's something in the water

Galaicofolia - 2000 years of history!

Great Portuguese flash website, created by JuMP, about a great Portuguese event.
Galaicofolia a typical celebration of the Galicians, the Minhotos and the inhabitants of Esposende (north of Portugal).
(via Abduzeedo)


20 year warranty calendar

This 20 year warranty calendar sticks out of the wall more than 60 centimeters. It was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt, for Schott Solar in order to present the brand that produces solar panels with 20 years warranty.
A message which can hardly be ignored.
(via the always amazing Inspire me, now!)

How flat is that?

"Flat Bulb designed by Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim, has a volume that is 1/3 smaller than ordinary bulbs. The flat shape takes care of the problem of rolling away, faced by ordinary bulbs (consequently preventing breakage). But what really makes this bulb special is that it reduces the cost of packing and transport and its unique shape allows it an easy storage. Wow!"
(via The Anonimiss Files)


Ian Wright's "Imagine John Lennon (War is Over)"

I love Ian Wright's works, this one was made with 1.000 silver pins in board. It can be bought at If You Could.

Magdalena Bors

Wonderful works by Magdalena Bors
(via designersblock)


icantbelieveitsnotbetter: very interesting illustrations by Matthew Green