MFA Designer As Author

"Since its inception as a profession, graphic design has been primarily service-oriented, with a few original creators emerging in every generation who guide the way and set standards (as well as styles).
In recent years, new media have changed the role of graphic design in various ways. Graphic designers are more in demand to develop a client's branding, identity, and packaging programs. But with the means of production on their desktops, designers are also becoming glorified production "artists." The danger, of course, is that graphic designers will be edged out of the creation process, relegated to only the mechanical follow-through.
The “MFA Designer As Author” is predicated on the growing need for content providers throughout the visual media. Drawing on ones' fluency with the graphic design language of type and image, this program is the first designed exclusively to encourage authorship and entrepreneurship in a broad range of media."

It seems to be a great resource for professional designers, sad to me it is in NY... maybe latter.